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Do I need a vacuum breaker on my shampoo bowl?

Posted by Hollis on

“Do you need a vacuum breaker on your shampoo bowl” is a question that requires more information to answer. 

First, let me explain what exactly a vacuum breaker is, what it does, and when it is required. 

A vacuum breaker is simply a form of backflow preventer. It prevents contaminated water from being drawn back into the water supply if the spray hose is left in standing water. These are required when a salon is connected to most city water supplies. Atmospheric and inline are two of the most common types. The inline is simply an inline check valve and is not accepted by most cities as sufficient protection. An atmospheric vacuum breaker vents the spray hose to the atmosphere when there is no pressure on the supply side, effectively protecting the water supply from contamination.

 Most cities require salons that have shampoo bowls use atmospheric vacuum breakers if using city water.

Los Angles California and the state of Wisconsin require a specific type of atmospheric vacuum breaker different than most other locations. Contact us for the specific details. It is best to check with your city inspector to be sure if one is needed, and what its requirements are.

 Most shampoo bowls have a receiver plate on the left side where the shampoo hose is located. This is where a vacuum breaker usually mounts. We have an atmospheric vacuum breaker kit at:

These are UPC certified and meet ASSE-1001. Our vacuum breakers have ¼ mpt nipples and include the crossover hose and receiver plate with the kit.

Here is a video of me installing one of our atmospheric vacuum breaker kits on a shampoo bowl:

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