Hask Hair Tonic - Treatment for Hair & Scalp 16 oz

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We have had issues shipping the 8 oz bottles of hask in their original bottles. We have repackaged the hask tonic in a new shipping bottle in the 16 oz size. You will not receive the original 8 oz bottle of hask as the label shows. It will be the newly repackaged 16 oz bottle with the original hask tonic so the item may be shipped. The bottle does not fill all the way to the top on these. That is supposed to look like that.


Hask Hair Tonic Hair & Scalp Dandruff Treatment is the proven formula, guaranteed to control problem dandruff and scalp itch even without shampooing. It's a non-alcoholic, non-greasy, two layer patented formula containing One, three-Dihydroxy, Two-ethyl Hexane. Directions: Shake well. Apply generously and gently massage onto scalp. Do not rinse. Let Hask Hair Tonic remain on hair. Occasionally, massage scalp with a rough towel. Use it daily until dandruff disappears (one or two weeks), then use it two or three times a week to keep dandruff in check.

Size:1 x 16 oz Bottle