Raymac 16 oz. Medic Moist Pain Relieving Aid Therapeutic

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16 oz Raymac Medic Moist

Anti Inflammatory Rub Cream 

Natural Super Strength Pain Relief

Relieves arthritis, tendinitis, bruises, hands, feet, and legs, fibromyalgia, insect bites, headaches, strains, backache, muscles, carpal tunnel and various other ailments.


Contains: Emu Oil for fast pain relief, Tea Tree Oil for fast healing, Aloe Vera as an anti inflammatory, Golden Seal for inflammation and healing, Herbal Complex, Eucalyptus Oil for cool feeling and help stop pain, Anti-Oxdents as a healer, Menthol as a skin refresher and local antiseptic, Peppermint oil as a relaxant and antibiotic, Vitamin E as a skin rejuvenator, Panthnol promotes healthy skin and reduces infection, Spearmint replenishes dry skin, Benzocaine gives relief while ingredients heal, Glycerine keeps skin soft and promotes healing.