Twist N Roll Tweezers Facial Hair Threading Tool

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Product Overview

Twist N Roll Tweezer and Hair Removal Threading Tool (Color Choice)
  • Gently remove hair on upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, forehead and more...
  • Works the same as hair threading technique
  • Gently removes hair at the root
  • Can be used over makeup without mirror
Step 1 - Use hot towel to open the pores and soften the skin
Step 2 - Bend the Twist-n-Roll and place the spring against the skin
Step 3 - Turn the handles to roll the spring upwards, facial hair will be removed instantly
  • Press the spring against the skin
  • Roll the handles slowly upwards
  • Always keep the U shape while twisting the handles
  • Apply moisturizer containing aloe vera afterwards
To Clean: 
  • Wipe the coil with rubbing alcohol and paper towel